How To Pick A Lock Welcome!

Hi & welcome to my blog on how to pick a lock. If you are looking for information on lock picking, then you’ve come to the right place. This blog is an outlet for me to share my lock picking skills & stories as well as news bits on the lock picking world.

If you really want to get your hands on real lock picking secrets, check out  the Lock Pickers Bible.

It’s the best kept secret for amateur to professional lock pickers alike. I picked this up when I first started picking locks and suddenly lock picking just made sense. It literally taught me everything i needed to know to be able to bypass any standard lock on the street, where to legally buy lock picking tools, and this version includes 3 Bonuses.

  1. How to make your own lock picking tools.
  2. How to open combination locks.
  3. how to open any car door without keys.

Get it here.

3 thoughts on “How To Pick A Lock Welcome!”

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  2. This is interesting. I have a nasty habit of locking myself out of places I want to be in and every time I do this, I think: Gee, I wish I could pick a lock.

  3. Nice blog, to bad you didnt post more topics!

    If you ever want to switch a guest blog, please feel free to contact us at . We are just beginning to blog over this beautiful art.

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