Kids Learn to Teach: An Essential Guide for Teachers

Parents of preschoolers have a few ideas for how to get their children interested in learning.

The kids who are most interested are the ones who are already taught, said Mary G. Miller, founder of the National Teacher Academy.

But you can also make it easier for them to learn with helpful activities and materials.


Introduce the class in the classroom.

Kids love to see what’s new and exciting, Miller said.

The more kids see things from different perspectives, the more excited they’ll be to learn.

She recommends starting the class at the beginning and introducing the kids to things as they’re learning.

“There are a lot of books about things that we don’t know,” Miller said, “and we want to see that that’s where the children are going.”

Miller said it helps to show kids the things they’ve seen and that they can use, such as drawing on a blank piece of paper.


Teach some of the activities.

The activities that can help students learn include: reading, writing, making faces and making faces with others.

You can also teach the class to read to them, read from a book or just look at pictures, Miller says.


Make sure kids can relate to the materials.

The materials have to be appropriate for the age of the kids and the curriculum needs to have fun, Miller noted.

She said parents should also ask about how their child is being taught and what they’re seeing and hearing.


Use an interactive map.

A map is a way to tell kids about the things in the materials that are interesting and that are relevant to the subject they’re studying.

The map also lets them see what their child’s learning.


Use a classroom to test the material.

You may want to put a small device like a chalk board on the floor of the room so that kids can play with it and see what happens when they do.

You don’t want to make it too hard, Miller recommended.


Make it fun.

Kids will want to learn more and have more fun.

They may want a challenge or even make fun of the materials, but they don’t have to do it, Miller stressed.


Get them excited about learning.

If you’re having trouble getting your kids interested in teaching, you can help by making sure they are encouraged by the materials and the activity.


Give them an opportunity to practice.

If the materials are fun, they may be able to make mistakes that they would normally make in class, Miller added.

And, she said, teaching materials that children can learn and use in a real classroom can make learning fun.

“If they don.t like it, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing,” Miller explained.

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