How much do you spend on classroom materials? – The Hill

Washington (CNN) The average teacher spent an average of $1,300 to $1.10 per hour on classroom supplies and supplies, according to the latest data from the National Education Association.

The average teacher in the United States spent $1 million in 2014, or $2,400 per person, according the National Institute for Educational Statistics.

A typical teacher spends $200,000 annually on supplies, such as textbooks, classroom computers, laptops, and other school supplies.

That’s more than $200 per person.

The National Education Union’s latest survey found that teachers are spending more on supplies than they were three years ago.

Teachers spend $2.6 billion on supplies in the classroom, according with the survey.

The survey also found that the majority of teachers say they use the internet less than in years past.

Only 36% of teachers in the survey said they did online homework, the lowest percentage since 2008.

And while the average teacher is spending more money on classroom equipment, that’s still less than what they spent in the previous two years.

The average teachers’ classroom equipment expenditures fell from $4,500 in 2014 to $3,500 last year, according of the survey from the NEEA.

In 2016, teachers spent $7,700 on classroom computers and $7000 on textbooks, according.

The survey found a slight increase in spending in 2017.

The NEE.

said the average teachers spending on classroom technology was $5,800 in 2017, which was down $1 percent from last year.

The NEE said that spending on computer technology has decreased in part because teachers have taken the computer skills required to be effective teachers.

The data shows that teachers spend about $7 per person per day on computer usage, while it was $11 per person in the 2015 survey.

Teachers said they spend less on classroom hardware, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re spending less on supplies.

Teachers can save up to $300 on supplies and other equipment, according The NeeA survey.

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