How I Learned Chinese Lessons in the Philippines

By The Associated Press Reporter March 29, 2018 13:23:06The first day of class at a kindergarten in Manila is one I’ve been planning for months.

The kids in my class, many of whom were born in China, are mostly in their early teens, and they have been learning Mandarin since they were toddlers.

It’s part of the Chinese New Year holiday that began last month in Manila and is widely known as “Cinco de Mayo.”

The idea is to teach kids about the rich cultural and political history of the Philippines.

They will learn about the country’s long-standing colonial history, its role in the Pacific War, its fight for independence, and the nation’s efforts to forge an independent Southeast Asian nation in the 20th century.

But this year, the school has been struggling with some of the problems that are plaguing schools across the country.

The school, in the southern city of Davao, has struggled with a rash of teachers leaving, including a teacher who left the job to take a job in the United States.

And some parents, angry at the school’s handling of the crisis, are boycotting the school.

Some parents say the school should have a larger budget, and teachers have been fired or suspended for leaving classes without a contract.

A local government agency that runs schools, the National Education Commission, is trying to sort out the situation.

It says it has a team of six or seven people who are looking into what went wrong and whether the school can get the school back on track.

It is a difficult time for the school, which is about 90 percent funded by the government.

The school’s finances have been strained by budget cuts and the absence of local vendors for some of its textbooks.

The National Education Center of the National Federation of Teachers, which represents more than 4,000 teachers, says it will meet with the school to try to get some of them back on the job.

The commission is also meeting with parents and teachers.

There are signs that things are getting better.

School officials say the new curriculum is making students learn more about the Philippines’ rich history, including the countrys founding.

They say the lessons are fun and challenging.

But the local teachers’ union says the school is in crisis.

It’s demanding the school be closed, saying it is losing about $5,000 a month in operating revenue because of the teachers’ absence.

The teachers’ group also said the school needs to have more support for students who need extra help with their learning.

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