How a Texas law could allow homeschooling students to teach their own children

A Texas state law passed on Friday would allow homescouting students to receive instruction from their own parents and teachers.

The bill was signed by Gov.

Greg Abbott (R) in a signing ceremony.

The measure is modeled after the controversial legislation that was passed in California, which has become a model for similar laws in the country.

Texas law allows homeschoolers to receive home schooling instruction at public schools, including public schools that are accredited by the National Association of Independent Colleges and Schools (NACIS).

The legislation would also allow students to take courses at private and parochial schools without being required to obtain state approval, and allow homesigners to attend private and non-denominational schools.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), Texas ranks second in the nation in home schooling enrolment, with nearly 10,000 homeschooled students.

A study conducted by the Texas Tribune found that about 6,000 Texas homeschool parents took part in home education, and that almost 7,000 of them attended parochials.

However, the NCSL report did not detail the types of homeschool programs or students that students attended.

It’s unclear whether Texas’ law is the first in the U.S. to allow homesigned students to participate in the classroom.

The law in Wisconsin passed in 2014 allows students to be homeschool in public schools but requires parents to sign a waiver stating that the student is not required to attend the school.

In the Texas bill, homeschooler could receive instruction at private or parochially run schools without having to apply for state approval.

However it’s unclear if homeschool students could be homesigned in the state if they were already enrolled in private and/or parochal schools.

A spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Education told the Tribune that homeschool education is currently not allowed under the state’s homeschool law.

The law also exempts from the state-regulated curriculum all grades K-12 students, including students who are not enrolled in public or parohial schools.

However, that exemption does not apply to students in private, parochiary or religious schools.

The Tribune found the exemption applies to all students in all grades, including grades K through 12.

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