‘Bullying, not sex’: Parents to take ‘time out’ after teachers’ sex education

Parents and school administrators in a New York City public school district are being advised to take time out to address the issue of bullying because of the school’s “bullying” curriculum.

According to the New York Daily News, some parents and school employees are being urged to contact the superintendent to ensure that their children have the skills to tackle bullying.

Parents and school staff in the New Carrollton School District are being told to take “time out” to address “the lack of teaching about sexuality and how the world should be more accepting of LGBTQ people and their families.”

“I think it’s important for them to have that experience,” said school employee Kaitlyn Bynum.

“They can’t be afraid of it.”

Bynum said that the district has a large LGBT-inclusive staff, but they are “not really in the classroom” when it comes to teaching about LGBTQ issues.

“They can talk about it, but when they talk about bullying, it’s just not really in our curriculum,” Bynums said.

“It’s really a matter of people needing to be able to see that the world is a better place.” 

 “It’s important to us that we have a lot of staff that are LGBTQ friendly, but it’s really not in the curriculum,” said one parent who wished to remain anonymous.

“We need to have a more supportive atmosphere, and I think that we need to be teaching our kids that the best is yet to come.”

A spokesperson for the New City School District did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

School district staff told the newspaper that the bullying issue was a matter for the principal and that the teacher involved in the incident has been placed on leave.

The New York Times reported that the superintendent, James D. DeCristofaro, will be meeting with teachers in the district Tuesday.

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