What’s the Deal With The Waldorf Teaching Materials?

A new version of the Waldorf teaching material that the Walt Disney Company released to publishers is making the rounds on the Internet, but it’s not what you’re expecting.

What’s wrong with the Waldorfs latest version of its Waldorf education material is the inclusion of a lot of text that doesn’t actually teach anything at all.

The problem?

Not much.

Instead of providing content for students to read, the Wampos teaching materials have provided a series of slides and video clips that are meant to help students “explore” the content.

For example, in one video clip, one student is shown a list of topics from the WOWO website that is then followed by a question:What do you think about this?

Students are then shown a variety of other questions that are intended to prompt students to think through their options and come up with their own answers.

In another video clip of the same topic, a student is presented with a list that includes information about a number of different topics, but no real information.

The Waldorf material is aimed at a particular age group of children, who are the “primary consumers of Waldorf” according to the company.

For them, the material is a way to “explor” their content, according to a press release.

As of Wednesday, the company has removed the materials from the internet and has also removed any mention of it from its corporate website.

The company has since issued a statement saying that while it is still providing the WOLs online teaching material to the public, it has not removed it from the company’s website or the Disney Store.

The Walt Disney company is no stranger to the issue of teaching materials that are designed to help people “exploit” content.

Earlier this year, Disney removed a series that included videos of a student asking for “a little help” on a question on the WKU radio station and a parent asking for help on the “Disney Answer” video.

The new version appears to be different.

Instead, the Walt has opted to provide students with a “tutorial” that is intended to help them “understand” and “apply” the material.

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