French teachers teach students English in the new textbooks

The French education ministry is pushing to get a big chunk of its teaching materials in English, despite the government’s recent decision to ban the language in public schools. 

“In France, there is a growing demand for a new set of teaching materials which would be able to be taught in English and would have the same impact as French texts,” a ministry official told The Hindu.

The ministry said the aim was to ensure that French-language books were more accessible for students in the country’s third largest country, with the aim of increasing their proficiency in French. 

Teachers from the National Education Agency (LEA) have been tasked with creating a new class of teaching reference materials for English teachers, which will cover the basics of teaching in English.

The documents will cover topics such as teaching in schools, classroom management, communication, writing, music, sports, and other subjects.

The government has decided to ban teaching materials containing any language that could make children feel intimidated, as it seeks to protect the country from the threat of cyber-bullying.

While the move has faced fierce criticism from the public, the LEA has said it has been made to ensure the safety of French-speaking pupils.

“As soon as the law was announced, we immediately started to work on it,” the official said.

Teachers have to work with the language to make sure that their pupils have a good grasp of it.

The French government has been trying to crack down on cyber-threats in recent years and it has banned the use of any technology or software that could be used to access and exploit sensitive data.

French-language teacher unions have said the ban will have a negative impact on the quality of teaching. 

According to a survey conducted by French education and research firm Ipsos, 60 per cent of French teachers say they would like to return to their native language to teach their students.

In August, the government said it had decided to introduce a new teaching curriculum to give French-speakers a greater role in teaching in public school.

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