Montessori materials are coming into the classroom

Commercial teaching materials for children aged six to nine are being introduced in a move that will see children using their own materials to help them learn.

Read moreRead moreEducation Minister John Bercow said the materials would be available at schools and universities across the country, and could be used to improve student learning.

“Our priority is to get children learning in a safe and effective way,” he said.

“That’s why we’re taking steps to make sure these materials are available to schools and primary schools.”

The government has already started pilot projects at schools in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, and plans to roll out the new Montessoris in Queensland and New South Wales in the next few weeks.

A key reason for the move is the high rate of literacy rates in the Australian population.

“I think a lot of the teachers in the schools have been looking for ways to do something different and they’ve been very supportive,” Mr Bercows said.

The government will also launch a national campaign aimed at getting the materials into schools.

“We’ve got a whole new generation of children coming into education that is very focused on reading and writing and they’re finding the books and the materials very helpful,” he added.

“It’s about taking advantage of the new technologies, the new learning technologies and the digital learning opportunities that are coming.”

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