Nepali teaching material: ‘We are the children of our people, and our culture is the culture of our homeland’

NEPAL — A Nepali teacher has written an essay that suggests that the country’s founding myth is actually about “our people,” and that the current country’s indigenous culture is based on the teachings of the Bible.

Nepali teacher Nyan Das, who has taught in the country for decades, wrote the essay in a Facebook post on Wednesday, saying the country is “the children of its people” and “the culture of its homeland” and that Nepali children are “in the best shape of their lives” and will “continue to be so.”

“The culture is of our nation, the religion is of its religion, the heritage is of the heritage,” Das wrote.

“We are Nepali people, we are the people of our country, and we are Nepalese culture.

We are the culture and the religion of our land.”

Das’s essay is the latest in a string of writings that have appeared in recent months that criticize the countrys history and culture, and it comes amid widespread unrest and a crackdown on Nepali teachers.

Nigeria’s government recently revoked a permit for Das, which was approved in 2011, after a petition by the Nepali diaspora.

Das, who teaches in the central district of Dharamsala, said in his Facebook post that he was “deeply concerned” that Nepaleses are “the victims of a colonial-style education system.”

“Nepalese children are in the best position to survive the hardships and the dangers in this harsh and dangerous world, and will continue to be the best,” Das said.

“This is the truth that I have been trying to tell them for the last 15 years.”

Dharma Gauri, an Indian-born Nepali, said she also wrote a “tongue-in-cheek” essay that criticized the country, saying that its people have been taught to be “stupid” and a “subhuman” and its “culture is based solely on the Bible.”

Dal also said in the Facebook post, which has been shared more than 500 times, that he wants to continue teaching his students in his home village in Dharamshala.

“We are a people who believe in one truth, we have always believed in one message.

We want to live as a people and teach our children the truth,” Das added.

“In the name of the ‘land of Nepalesi people’ and ‘nation of Nepali culture,’ I hope we can continue to share this knowledge with the Nepalesis of the world.”

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