How a new Bollywood movie can teach children to hate their parents

The first Indian movie about an interracial marriage will open nationwide on Tuesday.

The film, titled Aamir Khan’s Aamant, is directed by Rajkumar Hirani and starring Aamit Singh and Prabhat Bhat.

It is being produced by Bollywood studio Bajrangi Bhavan, with production co-director Rajkutty Kannada set to helm the film.

The film’s plot centers around Aamish and Pradhan, two interracial couples, who were married in their 20s in Delhi and Mumbai, respectively.

Pradhans mother, a lawyer, is divorced and her husband, an engineer, is in prison.

Aam’s father, a farmer, is the sole breadwinner.

The family lived in a two-bedroom apartment in a slum in Mumbai’s Kolkata district.

When the couple moved to Delhi to marry, their parents refused to allow them to have children.

When they refused, they were asked to move to a more expensive neighbourhood in Mumbai.

The couple then sought an inter-religious marriage.

After some months of waiting, the parents finally agreed to the marriage.

But when Aam started taking classes, he became angry and became violent.

He hit the teacher and threw his bag on the floor, leading to him being hospitalised.

Praddhan tried to stop him from hitting Pradhs mother.

They divorced and got married.

The next year, they moved to Mumbai, and Aam, a law student, started working for the local government.

He took a job at a law firm in Mumbai and later a job as an assistant professor at a university.

When his father died of cancer, he decided to return to his parents home in the slum to be with his parents.

The filmmakers say the film will help students understand how interracial marriages can be hurtful and how violence can lead to reconciliation.

It is also aimed at children, the film’s director says.

He added that the film has been made in a family-friendly way and will teach students how to not be insensitive and to be supportive of their friends.

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