What happens when you give a computer a teacher’s notebook?

An experiment on the part of a small business has taken a new approach to creating and teaching computer-generated content.

The company, which was started by former MIT student Chris Coughlin, hopes to be the first in the world to teach computers to teach teachers, with students using their own iPads to teach.

The idea of using technology to teach students came to Coughlins mind when he was thinking about how the technology can help teach kids about history, science, and technology.

“I started thinking about that a lot, because I think we have this notion that computers are like a computer, but in reality, they’re more like a tablet.

They can’t really be taught,” he said.

The goal is to make learning more accessible by allowing students to explore the material and create a story with it.

“If I go back to a computer and I’ve got this history lesson that I’ve just learned, and I go to go write something on a computer,” Coughins said, “I can’t write it down and just type it out on the computer, because that takes so much time.

It takes time to read it, and then to actually actually get it down on paper.”

The company’s website describes the course as a series of mini-lessons designed to give students the ability to create their own content using digital tools.

“We want to create a curriculum that’s easy to learn, so students can be challenged and they can be entertained, but we also want to make sure that our content is also very accessible,” Cufflin said.

This is not the first time Coughin has been involved in a computer-led teacher’s training course.

Last year, the company worked with a school district in Georgia to help train teachers on using tablets and other devices in the classroom.

In the first year, Coughino and his team created a program called Teacher’s Tutor to help teachers learn more about digital technologies.

The program is currently in the beta phase.

The teacher’s tutoring program also teaches students how to use software such as Adobe Acrobat, which is used by many teachers to teach computer science, to create short video clips of a teacher teaching the material.

“The thing that really struck me was the amount of learning that we were doing in the program, because the students were actually creating videos of themselves doing the material that they were learning, which really excited me,” Coughtin said.

“This is something that really could help people understand the material, so they can learn it, rather than just reading it and seeing a video of it,” he added.

In addition to the classroom component, the curriculum also includes the use of tablets in a more traditional classroom setting.

“When we created the curriculum, we also focused on teaching students how they can work with computers and what they can do when they use computers,” Cougins said.

“The curriculum is also designed to help them understand what the digital world is and how it can be used to teach.”

The team is currently developing a more hands-on course that will be released as part of the first quarter of 2018.

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