Teach Arabic for $50,000, Teach English for $15,000

A $50k (or $10k) Arabic teaching textbook will be on sale for $25,000 to $30,000 after a $1m investment by the UK-based publisher. 

The book is the result of a five-year collaboration between the author and the London-based Arabic Language Institute (ALI). 

The book’s cover art is of a boy with a book, a girl with a bag, and a boy holding a laptop. 

The author says the book is a work of “exquisite” design.

The price tag is not revealed, but ALI says the price is “substantial”. 

The ALI founder, Shahnaz Ahmad, says the goal is to make teaching Arabic a “top priority” in education in the UK.

“We are now able to offer this book to students who are interested in teaching their first language,” he said.

“They can use it to make sure that they understand the language and how to teach it.

It gives a young person a powerful tool to express themselves and learn a foreign culture.” “

It has been an honour to help bring this work to life.

It gives a young person a powerful tool to express themselves and learn a foreign culture.”

The book, called A Short Introduction to the Arabic Language, is due to be published in September and was originally priced at $25k. 

Its cover art shows a boy and a girl holding a bag.

The boy holds a laptop and the girl holds a textbook. 

According to the publisher, the book will teach the “unprecedented scope and breadth of Arabic” by using a variety of different resources to convey the “complex and universal history of the language”. 

“We are thrilled that we can provide the first edition of the book for this incredible price,” the publisher said. 

Ahmad told the Guardian that the book had been designed and produced with a focus on accessibility. 

He said he hoped the book would have a “distinctively British appeal” and would “give a strong voice to the voices of young people”. 

There are no further details about how the book was funded.

The ALI has been developing Arabic-language content for a number of years.

It was launched in 2011 with a £25,0000 funding round, and has since developed its own brand of Arabic learning materials.

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