How to teach children about climate change

Educators should be taught about the threat of climate change by teaching children about the risks of global warming and the impacts of climate disruption, according to a new report.

“The key to creating climate change education in the United States is making climate change and climate disruption as salient as possible,” the report by the National Academies of Science and Engineering states.

The report comes as President Donald Trump is working to put a new executive order in place that would allow his administration to impose a $2.6 trillion tax on carbon dioxide emissions, potentially hitting states with the highest carbon footprints, like California and New York, with the worst impacts.

The study’s authors say that while it’s difficult to determine how the new tax would affect climate change research, they suggest it could have a significant impact.

“A $2 tax on CO2 emissions from fossil fuel use would reduce CO2 emission from fossil fuels, especially from fossil-fuel power plants and natural gas extraction,” the authors wrote.

“This would help to mitigate climate change in a manner that could reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The proposed tax would also reduce the need for new energy sources.”

In addition, the authors say the tax could have “a broad range of economic effects that would impact the United State’s economic and social health.”

The report also states that climate change is “the most pressing global challenge” and that “climate change will likely require a new energy infrastructure to provide a viable alternative to fossil fuels.”

“In light of the magnitude of the challenges posed by climate change, policymakers must ensure that climate action is not only a priority but also a priority,” the researchers concluded.

The authors are also warning that climate disruption is already happening.

“Climate disruption is not just occurring, but has already occurred and continues to occur, and will likely continue to occur,” they wrote.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “more than 500 million people have experienced some form of disruption to their lives and livelihoods because of climate” in 2017 alone.

The National Academy of Sciences also issued a report last year that warned that climate disruptions will become “increasingly significant in the future.”

In its report, the Academy said that “it is important to recognize that climate-driven changes are real and they will continue to affect the lives of people and ecosystems.”

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