How to learn to speak kannada

KANNADAS TEACHING LANGUAGE IN AUSTRALIA IS MORE ENOUGH THAN THE WORDS WE KNOW FOR KANNADA READ MOREThe Australian Language Council (ALC) is advising that the language and the culture are both very important to the way Australians understand each other and to how they relate to each other.

The ALC is one of the country’s largest language groups.

The ABC understands that the organisation is considering the recommendations made by the ALC’s chief executive, Dr Susan Stoltenberg.

The advice was issued after Dr Stolvenberg met with ALC president Michael O’Sullivan to discuss the language’s impact on people’s lives, education and business.

Ms Stolteins speech skills and reading comprehension were also on the agenda, the ABC understands.

Dr Stolts recommendations come in the wake of a review of the ALM and the national school system by former Education Minister David Coleman-Jones.

The review, which Dr Coleman-Jones said was designed to “raise standards across all schools” found “many schools are not meeting their expectations of students”.

“In some schools students’ ability to understand and communicate with one another is significantly lower than is typically the case in Australia,” the report said.

“In others, students do not have sufficient knowledge of key concepts to develop strong connections with others in their community.”

In its statement, the ALMC said it was concerned by the recommendations and the “unacceptably low” level of understanding of the language in schools.

The organisation has also received several complaints about the language being used in classrooms, it said.

The report comes after the government announced a plan to establish a $400 million program to help children learn to read and write in Kannada.

Kerala is one state that is not only a stronghold of Kannadas native language, but also has a long history of education reform and linguistic education.

Ms Srinivasan was the first Kannadan to be appointed head of the Indian Institute of Management in New Delhi in 2013.

“The new Kannadic language has a strong impact on our understanding of life,” she said at the time.

“We live in a society where it’s not just about a language but also about culture, religion, and even about the way we think and express ourselves.”


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