Lock Picking Tips eBook Review: The Classified Lock Picker’s Bible

Picture this scenario.  You’ve just locked your keys in the house and you are already running late for work.  What are you gonna do?  Call your wife, hope she remembers how to answer her cell phone, and then hope she can actually get home in time to salvage your work day?  Or maybe you could call the locksmith, but that costs money, not to mention the embarrassment of standing outside your house, looking like an idiot for all the neighbors to see.  Before, these were pretty much your options and, let’s face it, no matter what you did, it was a no win situation.

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How To Pick A Lock: Tools Of The Trade

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How To Pick A Lock: Tools Of The Trade
When i was first learning how to pick a lock, I bought a basic lock picking set and book from the internet, just like the one mentioned in my first post here.

Learning any new skill involves getting to know the tools used by the skill masters. There are many different types of tools involved in lock picking and today we will go over the basics.

First, take a look at the basic tools. (figure 1 drawn by yours truly in adobe illustrator)

There are 3 major categories of lock picking tools:

1. The Hook Pick: use this tool when the adjacent bottom pins are significantly different in size. It helps reach behind the bigger pins to get to the small ones.
2. The Diamond Pick: Used on wafer tumblers. (different than the pin tumbler, will cover in another post)
3. The Rake Pick: The quickest way to pick a lock if all the tumblers are about the same size.

Once you choose your pick, you will also need a tension rod. I didn’t draw a picture of it, because it basically just looks like an “L.” The tension tool is the accomplice to the pick. You can’t pick a lock without a pick AND a tension rod. (unlike in the movies where the hero uses a single hair pin)

Study your tools and get to know them; trust me, they will become your bestest friends when you find yourself locked out of the house. 

The Lock Picker’s Mall has all of the lockpicking tools you could need. They have lockpicking sets starting at just $21.95.  Just so you know, I make a commission off of anything you buy from me and it is truely appreciated. Thank you!

In the next post I’m going to revisit our old friend the pin tumbler, and introduce a new friend; the wafer tumbler.

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How To Pick A Lock: Understanding The Pin Tumbler

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Before you learn how to pick a lock, it is important to understand how a lock works. The pin tumbler lock is the most common type of lock (the kind used in most every door). Study it carefully and memorize all of it’s parts.

Diagram of the Pin tumbler lock created by Wapcaplet in Blender, and fine-tuned in the GIMP.

1. Pin tumbler: locked – The driver pins (blue) are pushed downwards by springs which prevent the plug (yellow) from rotating.

2. Pin tumbler: with key – With the key inserted, the gaps between the key pins (red) and driver pins (blue) align with the edge of the plug (yellow) forming the shearline.

3. Pin tumbler: unlocked – When the pins align with the shear line, the plug is now free to rotate.

Once you understand how the lock works, it will be easier to understand how to pick the lock. In my next blog, i’ll go over the tools used to pick these locks.

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Hi & welcome to my blog on how to pick a lock. If you are looking for information on lock picking, then you’ve come to the right place. This blog is an outlet for me to share my lock picking skills & stories as well as news bits on the lock picking world.

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